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Nowadays, seeing the world evolution pushes business into an ethical era, environmental issues start becoming a major attention. The world concern towards green forest conservation and environmental preservation does not discourage our company to surrender from questionable survival. In fact, our company sees it as an opportunity to stay alive. We take our partners together with us, aiming to be companies that embody the notion of good citizenship in our global presence by creating a synergy for environmental care.
Knowing that the fact that green tropical forest logs availability diminish as time goes by, our company has been progressively promoting environmentally friendly products (ECO) to our customers for quite some time. This is done by utilizing logs from plantation forest origin. Located in Java Island, which is vastly concentrated region of Falcata plantation forest; such that providing us an advantaging access for constant & sustainable Falcata logs supply.
Aligning with environment issue, our company plans to define environment goals through proceedings that represent environmental care, to be completed anytime soon. Such as:

Waste Water Treatment
Developing bio-pond at our factory is necessary to treat waste water into a recycled process and turning into drink-able water. We want to be certain that waste water is poured back into our environment does not have contamination or toxic content that may pollute our surroundings.

ISO 14001
Having an established waste water treatment will carry us to the next step which is an accreditation to ISO 14001. ISO 14001 will complete our accreditation of ISO 9001 that was obtained in 1997. We plan to attain the ISO 14001 by the end of 2006. The goal is to show and underscore our commitments towards environment preservation.

These two defining goals are parts of work in progress for our company’s existence despite of many challenges ahead. Convincing PT. Sumber Mas Indah Plywood to achieve its vision:
“To be the industry leading company by providing values to all quality aspects of product and services for our business partners, in achieving long term mutual success and healthy global presences”

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