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Raw Materials
It is no secret, only from best quality logs that we can produce best quality plywood products. We only purchase the best quality logs available in the market, on top of that we guarantee that raw materials supply we obtain, originate none other from legal source

Technological Innovation
Throughout the years, our company has been constantly replenishing outdated machineries with newer ones from industry top-notch plywood machine makers such as Meinan, Taihei, Babcock BSH, Kikukawa, and Sunway. As a result, we have realized significant improvements toward our productivity, efficiency, as well as product quality and precision.

Moreover, our skilled and experienced technicians always stand by at all times to ensure the machineries performing at optimal level. They constantly work together with machine maker to perform thorough maintenance program, and preventive measures that is required in order to reduce downtime and errors that may persist during the production process.

Quality Management and Work Force
Our invaluable asset includes 1800 strong work force of the most highly skilled, trained and experienced employees in the industry. Quality control department thorough and frequent inspections, testing and analysis. Our frontline management team persistently gives support to the employees. Motivation and guiding them to work with passion and ethical manner, regarding them about quality as a state of mind, heading for high standard of productivity and quality level

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